By Katie Armstrong ’18 As winter break began to end, I had the privilege of spending my final week as a member of Brown’s Winter Break Project. For seven whole days, I lived in the basement of the Benevolent Street Church with 35 other phenomenal people studying social issues in Providence. There were five groups: […]

The following is an excerpt from the blog post “What I learned after taking a homeless mother grocery shopping” on Read the full post here. “Here’s the thing,” she explained. “We can’t have anything perishable in the shelter. So, the girls never get enough fruits or vegetables. We don’t have a stove or a […]

The College Hill Independent (The Indy), a RISD/Brown weekly newspaper recently published a piece about how the homeless and college students relate differently to space in downtown Providence. Shout out to the author Erin West B’18 and the Indy for expanding our understanding of what the recent downtown renovation means for different people. Here is […]

Post by Alexa ’18 Our first outing this year to the City Meal Site at All Saints Memorial Church was as rewarding as it was freezing. After the 30 minute trek through the snow, Jana, new HOPE member Kayla Thomas, and I got to work serving food and drinks, as well as busing tables and […]

It’s that time of year again. A new semester has started, winter is well and truly here and the HOPE crew is gearing up for another semester of volunteerism and advocacy for Rhode Island’s homeless community. The HOPEsters have all come back refreshed and recharged from our winter breaks, and we’re gearing up for what promises […]

By Hannah Cole “I’ve got housing,” were the first words out of Mike’s mouth when I met him on outreach this September. I was floored by the news. I had seen him nearly every week for the past year on my nighttime outreach walks on the South Side. He was chronically homeless, and he had often […]